Maximising a mobile-centric world

The digital world increasingly has mobile at its heart. A revolution in social and commercial interaction is generating a new kind of ecosystem, one where user expectation and experience are everything.

To maximize this opportunity operators, digital service providers, channel partners and technology vendors must engage and interact in order to leverage new relationships and revenue opportunities.  Mobile Connect is the enabler of the secure, seamless authentication, identity and authorization solutions that are needed across this evolving digital landscape. Establishing a new level of trust and privacy between consumers and business, Mobile Connect is what the digital economy has been waiting for

Over 3 billion

enabled consumers globally


operators introduced Mobile Connect


countries covered worldwide

A global solution

Mobile Connect is being adopted around the world with key markets embracing the opportunity in different ways and establishing new levels of cooperation between operators.


Business, governments and developers are demanding greater online security, delivered simply and at scale. The challenge is how to reduce online friction, enable safe and secure online payment processes and also combat fraud.

We are all frustrated by the need for multiple log-in details, lengthy registration processes and concerned by high profile security breaches. Using the device that everyone carries all the time, their mobile phone, Mobile Connect enables end-users and organisations to easily and securely verify their identity. Whether logging-in to a site or registering for an account, using Mobile Connect eliminates the need for usernames and passwords, reducing friction without compromising security.

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Solving the security concerns

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Service Providers

Protect and engage your end users with a secure, seamless experience that can eliminate the need for usernames and passwords

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Channel Partners

Integrate Mobile Connect into your own ecosystem and use it to leverage the global power of operator authentication and identity


Technology Vendors

Help introduce and accelerate a consistent and standardised set of services for managing digital authentication and identity globally



Harness the speed and efficiency of this open source API and use it to streamline the user log-in process for your application.



Integrate Mobile Connect into your own ecosystem and use it to leverage the global power of operator authentication and identity.


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