Secure digital identity is now in your hands

Mobile Connect is a new service that lets you login to websites and apps on any device without having to remember usernames or passwords. You are safely identified through your mobile phone number.

Why Mobile Connect?

It's the new, simple and safe way to log-in - wherever you see this logo.


Just think how many different user names and passwords you have to set up to access websites and apps. It's frustrating that the more we use the internet, the more log-in details we have to remember.

With Mobile Connect, there's no need for either passwords or user names, so log-in is much simpler.


Sometimes, we avoid setting up usernames and passwords by logging in with our social network log-in details. However, many people are increasingly worried about how much personal information such log-ins need and share, and whether that information will be used without permission.

With Mobile Connect, no personal information is made available to the website or app you're logging into without your consent.


Recent high pro le online security breaches have resulted in people's passwords falling into the wrong hands. With Mobile Connect, your details are more secure because you use your mobile device to first prove your digital identity and then verify it.

How Mobile Connect works

Mobile Connect verifies you through the device that you always have with you - your mobile phone. Safer log-in is literally in your hands.

Easy to sign up

  • You can set up your Mobile Connect account in one of two ways:
  • Just click on the Mobile Connect logo when it appears as an option on a website or application
  • Sign up directly with your mobile provider. You may receive an invitation via a text message or an email, or through their customer care portal.

Easy to use

  • Once registered, simply click on the Mobile Connect logo whenever you see it as a log-in option.
  • A message will then pop up on your mobile phone. It may ask you to click a simple OK or, if the site or app requires a higher level of security, it will ask you to enter a personal code such as a PIN.
  • As soon as you respond to this prompt, Mobile Connect will verify you and you will be logged in to the website or application.

Secure online log-in through the power of mobile

mobile connect login

A global solution

Mobile Connect is being adopted around the world with key markets embracing the opportunity in different ways and establishing new levels of cooperation between operators.


Your questions answered

Mobile Connect is provided by a global network of mobile providers with decades of experience in managing customer information safely and securely.