Accelerate development

Mobile Connect is the mobile operator facilitated authentication, authorisation and identity solution that provides simple, secure and convenient access to online services.

Developers within operators and service providers will be able to harness the technology to improve customer experiences and introduce new services. While it opens up a world of opportunity to other developers to enhance applications and build new working relationships within operators and service providers. Having the right tools to enable seamless integration and speed time to market is key. The Mobile Connect developer portal makes it easy for developers to access the technical understanding and tools they need to incorporate it into their applications.


A global solution

Mobile Connect is being adopted around the world with key markets embracing the opportunity in different ways and establishing new levels of cooperation between operators.


Improving user experience

With Mobile Connect, there's no need for users to remember a password, they simply respond to a prompt on their phone. This means more people successfully accessing the services they want at the first attempt, leading to fewer abandoned transactions and more repeat business.


Mobile Connect Solutions


Simple and globally ubiquitous log-in mechanism with option to include a PIN where a higher level of assurance is needed.



Allows service providers to obtain authorisation from a user based on context directly from their mobile phone.



Provides user-identity data in a consensual manner so service providers can fulfil digital services and prevent fraudulent transactions.



Provides insights about the user, device or transaction through mobile subscriber check for ID verification & fraud mitigation Discover


The right tools


Mobile Connect currently uses two APIs: the Discovery API and the Mobile Connect API.


OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect is a RESTful API. It's been adopted by Mobile Connect as the base protocol and framework because of its openness and robustness.



A number of platform-specific SDKs are available to integrate Mobile Connect into your applications and services. All SDKs are open source and royalty free.

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Mobile Connect in action

The applications for Mobile Connect are many and varied, with solution for a wide range of sectors including government, retail, travel and banking. Take a look at some examples


Privacy and protection

Users have the right to expect good privacy and security practices from all those who design and operate digital identity services.

The Mobile Connect Privacy Principles have been created by the GSMA and Regulatory Officers representing GSMA members. Everyone within the ecosystem must abide by the them.


Get started

Visit the Developer Portal and follow these five steps to implementation:


Register as a Mobile Connect developer


Learn how to make Mobile Connect API calls; integrate your application


Get credential for our sandbox (testing) and for production


Sign the Marketing License agreement to get brand assets


Go live with your application (share your production credentials for operator provisioning)

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